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for the Hungarian Psychological Association’s

29th National Scientific Session

to be held on 28-30 May 2020 in Budapest

“Psychology and Innovation”

The session organized annually is the most prominent psychological scientific forum in Hungary, enabling the meeting of professionals from all over the country, presenting their latest research results, as well as encouraging cooperation and discussion with cross-border professionals and related professions.

The session’s main organizer is the Faculty of Education and Psychology, ELTE – Eötvös Loránd University.

The session will take place at the Faculty of Education and Psychology ELTE, 1075 Budapest, Kazinczy u. 23–27.

Chair of the Organizing Committee: Ms Andrea Czakó

Chair of the Scientific Programme Committee: Ms Andrea Dúll

The session’s website: (available as of 18 December 2019.)

Registration is required for all participants of the session. You are asked to register after 18 December 2019 by providing all required data on the website under the “Registration” option. You will receive a confirmation message and a URL to your e-mail address provided. You can finalize your registration by clicking on the link. Presentation proposals and outlines should be submitted by 03 February 2020.

There are the following options for individual professional contribution:

      • Thematic lecture: presenting new, unpublished empirical research results or innovative approach to theory;
      • Symposium: presenting individual results within a larger empirical research or new theory developed in a research group through lectures about a specific research or topic;
      • Debate symposium: a debate-centred innovative symposium. It differs from a traditional symposium in that presenters are given 5 minutes each to talk. Detailed material should be previously uploaded to the session’s website in order to help the moderator prepare for the debate and actively involve the participants;
      • Individual poster presentation: an overview of the results and problem areas of a research in a given topic presented on poster panels. Authors may present their posters in 3 minutes within a specific timeframe allocated for poster presentations. A competition will be held for poster presenters, in which both the poster itself and the presentation will be taken into account.
      • Thematic poster workshop presentation: shared poster panel presentations of research groups and ateliers conducting research on a common topic;
      • Workshops: introduction of professional trainings, techniques, schools and professional organizations in an innovative and unique way, in small workshops or through round-table discussions.

The time allocated for presentations in traditional symposiums and thematic sessions will be defined together by the given session’s chair and the presenter, on average 15 minutes, followed by a short discussion. The discussion leader of each symposium and thematic poster workshop will encourage and facilitate active scientific debate in the session or workshop. The discussion leader must also be a registered participant.

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