Professional materials

Deadline for submission of presentation proposals and abstracts: 20 March 2023.

The Session is open to registered participants only. After completing the registration, it is possible to upload and submit professional materials through the website. The upload is successful if all of the designated authors are registered.

The upload process can be saved and continued later. After completing the upload, the abstracts are submitted with the “submit” button.

Please note that all abstracts must be 1500-3000 characters in length!

When uploading abstracts, please take into account that a participant can be the first author twice, in one case a symposium president, in one case an opponent and in five cases can be second and third and fourth author.

Opportunities for individual professional participation in the Session:

  • thematic presentation: presentation of new, unpublished empirical research results, new approaches to theory building;
  • symposium: presentation of individual results of a major empirical research project, new theories developed in a research group, with presentations organised around a specific research project or topic, maximum number of presentations per symposium: 4. The symposium and its presentations can be uploaded by its chairman, both the authors and the opponent must be registered participants, and the chairman receives the evaluation. The symposium can be uploaded and submitted after the symposium presentations have been uploaded and submitted.
  • individual poster presentation: an overview of the results of research on a given topic, or problem area, presented on poster panels. Posters may be presented by the authors in a dedicated time slot in a 3-minute poster presentation. There will be a competition between authors presenting in poster format, where both the poster and the poster presentation will be considered.

The average duration of the presentations in the traditional symposia and thematic sessions is about 15 minutes, as decided by the chair of the symposium or thematic session and the speakers, followed by a short discussion and debate. The symposium discussion leader (debater) will facilitate an active scientific exchange during the session.

Deadline for submission of presentation proposals and abstracts: 28 February 2023.

Notification of abstract acceptance/rejection: 10 April 2023.

Deadline for payment of the reduced participation fee: 30 April 2023.

Deadline for online registration: 20 May 2023 (After this date, only on-site registration is possible).

The criterion for being included in the final professional programme and in the volume of abstracts is the payment of participation fee, until 20 May 2023 the latest.